It is a planetarium program that provides a way to learn about astronomy
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CyberSky is a planetarium program designed for those passionate about astronomy. You can find more about constellations, comets, planets and everything else related to the endless sky by using this app. What is interesting about this application is the opportunity given to users to situate themselves in different moments of the evolving universe. More than that, the program has solved the problem that certain phenomena can be seen only from specific places on earth, by letting the user travel virtually to those locations and have the best vantage point available.

It is obvious that this utility can be successfully used for educational purposes by those teachers who want to enrich the knowledge of students and captivate their attention with an attractive display, full of information. At the same time, as a parent, it offers you the possibility to spend pleasant moments side by side with your child and find more about the mysterious universe. I would have liked it during my childhood to have had such a program to elucidate the numerous questions I asked to myself about different objects seen on the sky. Now, having this application, the identification of a specific star or group of stars is an easy thing to do.

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  • Reasonable price, attractive display


  • Incorrect placing of some objects on a specific date
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